Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Poster That Turned Facebook Yellow

This is too good not to steal in toto.

An attempt of showing solidarity with Rabaa massacre, where army and police killed over 600 armed and unarmed protesters, Muslim Brotherhood supporters created a yellow poster showing a palm making the number four, which is because Rabaa also means the number four in Arabic. It only took few minutes that I started seeing some counter or response posters to the original one; some with a sense of humor about it, some are just attacking Rabaa and MB, and some are just because people are bored, and their creativity got the best of them being under curfew. It is snowballing to the point that just out of my timeline feed on Facebook, I was able to put the gallery below together showing the different ones I found. I am sure there will be endless more. Here is a page full of them! 

Photoshop, tragedy, and curfew don’t mix…

Okay. This is the original icon, with explanation.
To see a global response from Muslims everywhere,
but especially from Turkey, go to Twitter hashtag #R4BIA.

Go to the link for pages and pages of similar graphic responses. 
As the comment above says, 
photoshop, tragedy and curfew don't mix!

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