Sunday, December 14, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Note

Two excellent Facebook comments here noted for future reference.  Both are smart and I'm afraid prescient. We'll see...
They are responding to the nutty suggestion that Elizabeth Warren is the Democrat's version of Ted Cruz.
Deborah Megivern Foster
I read her book. She is actually sincere about working for middle class families. The rest of the Democrats who signed onto that CROMNIBUS bill gave a big middle finger to the middle class, because in less than five years time, we will be bailing out Wall Street again. Two of the smartest people I know about Wall Street, besides Elizabeth Warren, are Thom Hartmann and Matt Taibbi, and both of them predict a Wall Street crash with another bailout in a very short timeframe, because of what the Democrats helped the Republicans to do.

Michael Kempster 
The Republicans, when they lose, oft say it's because they're insufficiently pure of rightie conviction. The Democrats, when they lose, throw their liberal-left base--at one time, the center of their party, let us not forget--under the bus, in a vain attempt to appear more centered, while moving to the right.
  • First, there is no symmetry here. 
  • Second, given the Democrats' er, uh, lukewarm and only partially successful attempts to fire up their base, they might want to rethink that. 
  • And third, Warren has about seventeen times the intelligence, depth of conviction, command of political rhetoric and policy knowledge, and human decency as does Cruz, and speaks to a portion of the Democratic Party they'd be well advised not to alienate further
Here is the post and other comments...

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