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Guantanamo Prison Expedites Extremist Recruitment

This Google translation of an excellent Arabic website is a book review of a book not likely to get much coverage in the US.  The subject is the Guantanamo prison, one of the most effective tools being used by extremists for recruitment purposes. Those who oppose closing it don't seem to know or care that they are helping terrorist recruiters. 

Guantanamo Diary: While the Arab regimes sells its citizens

Weeks ago, the book was released in the Mauritanian Guantanamo Bay prison Mohamedou Ould Slahi. Recounted the story of a prisoner handed over in 2002 by his regime, and his journey with the torture and humiliation of several states that have passed, began in his Jordan, Mauritania and Afghanistan up to the Guantanamo prison.

Ould Salahi spoke in his memoirs about the various types of physical and psychological torture, he suffered, such as the prevention of sleep, beatings, immersion in ice and prevention of fasting and be compelled to have sex with two women and drinking seawater. According to the notes, was to extract a confession from him under the influence of torture, like, telling investigators "that he planned to blow up the CN Tower in the Canadian city of Toronto."

Stir despite the censor's scissors

The book, titled "Guantanamo Diary" consists of 466 pages and is written in English and released at the same time in several countries. Despite the fact that American security delete some information from him Tamsa many paragraphs (2500 position) is now raises a sensation in Mauritania and in the European countries and the United States of America. The book has a solution in the list of best-selling books percent on the site Amazon, and among the best-selling books in the fifty American company to sell books Barnes & Noble.

The book re-issue of the writer to the scene jurist, was born Salahi defending team has fought lengthy court battles lasted seven years, resulted in a book out into the light. The book began as messages sent by the prisoner to his lawyers and the US administration put under confidentiality.

Story sale and deception

Mohamedou Ould Slahi is a Mauritanian citizen born in 1970 given by the Fates to Germany in 1988, where he went to study and graduated from the University of Duisburg telecommunications engineer. He then worked in several European companies to settle its case in 1999 in Canada. But that did not last long residence because the CIA began Ttrsdh has applied to the Senegalese authorities for his arrest in Dakar International Airport, which is what happened in January 2000.

He was questioned regarding its relationship Paljzaúra Ahmad Ressam who tried to enter some of the explosives to the US via the Canadian border and then handed over to the Mauritanian authorities released him for lack sufficient evidence but was stripped of his passport.

In November 2001, a team of Mauritanian security came to his home and ordered him to accompany him. Mahamadou let his mother and told her that he will not be delayed too much, to begin his journey into the unknown. After eight days of detention was a deal between the Mauritanian regime and the CIA was taken to Jordan for being held in a prison where there received the most heinous forms of torture. Then, on July 19, 2002, transfer via helicopter "Caulfstrem" to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, and there is exposure to new types of torture, before it reaches, in the August 5, 2002, to the final destination, a Guantanamo prison.

In an interview with Pier 22, Yahdih Ould Salahi, the brother of the prisoner Mahamadou, spoke about the story of his brother by his system and lied intelligence Mauritania on his family, said: "We suffered grievously as a result of this ordeal, and the hardest thing we faced was the police and intelligence. Mauritanian lied to us and tampering Bmchaarna, were Johmonna that Muhammadu exist among them, which at the same moment he may sell to the Americans, it has handed intelligence Mauritanian Jordanians director he is fasting did not have mercy on his pleas and his hope to allow him to conversation mother and Todaaha. but promised Muhammadu they Sistrdonh three days after the Jordanians did not come back yet. and sent to the US detention several around the world to Atfnnoa in torture. "

Message from Guantanamo

Ould Salahi family did not know that her son was in Guantanamo in 2003. However, at that time, the family received the first letter from him through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and his family think that in Mauritania. Mauritanian authorities have remained until this period, claiming that he still has. It was the Mauritanian intelligence director asks his family some "spare" him to assure them that in a Mauritanian prison.

He was born Yahdih Salahi: "This book came to expose all of this play silly."Now, Yahdih hopes "to restore the book Muhammadu consciences were dead and stand with us all Mauritanians also stop us Europeans and others, so that the Mauritanian government understands that there is no escape, and the alternative of receiving the request and Mahamadou as less and duties towards him Mauritanian citizen."

It should be noted that he has been acquitted Salahi was born in 2010 by the US federal court ordered his release, believing that his arrest was illegal, but it was retained inside the prison.

Paradoxically, in the case of Ould Slahi that the political security director who oversaw the deal extradited to US intelligence, Ddahi Ould-Abdallah, was working before recently as director of ethics Mauritanian police career, before referred to retire, even though the history of the man known as the torture of citizens, especially the opposition political activists .

Solidarity local and international

Ould Salahi issue is now experiencing an acceleration in the pace of domestic and international solidarity. Several electronic campaigns have emerged and organized activities in solidarity with him. As well as the American Civil Liberties Organization in collaboration with the prisoner's family launched an online petition to ask the US government to release him.

In Mauritania, organized a group of human rights activists, on February 4, pause in front of the US embassy in Nouakchott to demand the same thing. Was offset by the US ambassador expressed his understanding for the demands and handed them a message and told her that US President Barack Obama previously announced that it will close the notorious prison.

The initiative is called "fairness" has begun active before period to demand the release of prisoners in the Guantanamo prison Mauritanian, Ould Slahi, Ahmed Ould Abdel Aziz, the initiative has many activities that are in that goal.However, the large number of human rights activists and those interested in the issue of Ould Slahi believe that the current Mauritanian regime stance on the issue is positive. Until now no claim delivery born Salahi, although the majority of prisoners who demanded their countries Btzlmanm returned to their homelands.

Born and Salahi is not the only detainee Mauritanian prisoner in Guantanamo.Mauritanian citizen sits with him last named Ahmed Ould Abdel Aziz, a merchant was working between Dubai and Pakistan, US intelligence has begun to follow his steps with the help of the Mauritanian counterpart, then was arrested in the city of Karachi in 2001.

In an interview with Pier 22 Turad Ould Salahi public relations officer in the "fairness" initiative, said: "There are dozens of human rights organizations in the United States, Britain and France stood by our side in addition to dozens of American artists who have declared their support for our cause, while our government continues to silence scandalous", and stressed: "We are going to internationalize the issue and we will look for another country to receive Mahamadou".

The head of the defense of Ould Slahi body, the lawyer Mauritanian Ibrahim was born Daddy may carry, at a seminar organized by the "fairness" initiative on the book was born Salahi, the State Mauritanian the consequences of what might happen to his client, and said: "Mauritania is the only state that delivered one of its citizens to be subjected to torture in Guantanamo Bay. "

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