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Hamas and Israel -- Detente? Rapprochement?

This is hugely important. 
IS tried to bait Israel into another conflict with Hamas by launching rockets from Gaza, which would have put Hamas into the ISIS camp. But Israel did not take the bait. I have not seen this mentioned in the US press (yet) but the key players certainly took note.
Here is a Google translation. 
Suddenly Israel remains the most important friend of Hamas
A security official explained that harming the Hamas response to the attack last night serve Daas and Egypt looking from the side and refuses to believe - a key ally in talks with Qatar and Turkey, but refuses to talk to Abbas.  

Avi Issacharoff
Monday, 07 June 2015 13:30

The Israeli response this morning (Sunday) the rocket yesterday from the Gaza Strip largely represents Jerusalem's new policy against Hamas - the bride and instead embrace a military confrontation. On one side of the air assault was empty buildings not signed to produce the appearance of a reaction, while there were statements by security officials, appears to be seeking to defend Hamas.

"The purpose of the latest launches from Gaza is to light a fire between Hamas and Israel, "said a senior security official this morning. According to him, the Salafist organization is identified with Daas and launched the rocket attack 'Israel expects Hamas and do the job for him. " In other words, the same anonymous source explained to the Israeli public that harming the Hamas response to the attack would serve the "Islamic State" (Daas), and the conclusion is that we must exercise restraint. 

Hamas good for the Jews. [Video at the link -- no captions]
No longer an enemy, but a partner in maintaining the peace. Ismail Haniya (Photo: Reuters)

The change in perception regarding Hamas Israel is nothing less than amazing. No longer an enemy, not another terrorist organization that calls for Israel's destruction, but a partner in maintaining peace and perhaps even more in the future. In terms of defense and decision-makers in Jerusalem, control of Hamas in Gaza is an Israeli interest, and therefore strive to overthrow it. To recall the last election spots, presenting Hamas as an enemy of Israel and those who want ousting Netanyahu, then to understand that the reality is 180 degrees different.

No longer an enemy, but a partner in maintaining the peace. 
Ismail Haniya (Photo: Reuters)
Today, Israel is one of the few factors that work in the preservation of the rule of Hamas in Gaza. Moreover, it also works with the world's most outstanding representative of the "Muslim Brotherhood" - Qatar and Turkey - in order to keep the peace in Gaza. Israel allows representatives of both countries to mediate between it and the organization born from the "Muslim Brotherhood". The biggest absurdity is that when he tried to Foreign Minister of the United States John Kerry to end the fighting in Gaza last summer through Doha and Ankara, Israeli politicians attacked him and accused him of amateurishness and innocence.
Still sees Netanyahu partner, but the credit can be expended.
Egyptian President al-Sisi (Photo: Reuters)
Likewise, should examine this situation from the perspective of the most important ally of Israel in the region, Egypt. Much has been written and said about the cooperation between the parties and honeymoon between Jerusalem and Cairo. And now, one can only imagine how the Egyptians are looking at Israel's modus operandi in recent months.First, Israel refuses to communicate with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas , despite the urgings of a few non-Cairo. On the other hand, the Netanyahu government talks with Hamas indirectly, from the creator of "Brotherhood" is the biggest enemies of Cairo. To do this, Israel allows foothold of Qatar in Gaza, through the Apostle Muhammad al-Amad, and even Turkey agrees to stir Palestinian issue.

An example of this occurred three weeks ago and a bit, then Israel allowed Turkish counterpart Minister of Religious Affairs, Mehmet Gormz, visit with a delegation of senior officials in the Gaza Strip. In addition, he visited the Al-Aqsa Mosque and was venerated. However, when visited by the Chief Judge of Sharia Jordan, Ahmed Khalil, hurled shoes at him. Cairo, presumably, watching all this from the sidelines and refuses to believe. Israel, which the senior partner of its most important war radical Islam, is currently conducting an entire axis of talks with "Muslim Brotherhood". Meanwhile, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi goes to see Netanyahu as a partner and ally, but the question of when this credit is over.

No less important question is whether Israel's gamble on "Muslim Brotherhood" is not far-fetched to begin with. Why does Israel refuse to examine the possibility of cooperation with Abbas, but in such a hurry to embrace Hamas? The new Israeli approach Hamas says' If not, we Daas or anarchy in Gaza. "Or, they might be the case, but whether everything was done to examine the possibility of return of the Palestinian Authority to the Gaza Strip? Is the first step, even before the rush into the arms of "Muslim Brotherhood", is not it better to the Israeli government to resume diplomatic channel with Abu Mazen?

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