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New Sharia Court in Israel

Ayelet Shaked (born May 7, 1976) is
Minister of Justice of Israel's 20th
Knesset and realize her 34th
on behalf of the party "Jewish Home".
[This is a Google translation of a Hebrew link. The language seems awkward in places and there are curious "words" in a few bullet points that I don't understand. The link is accessible here.]

Chairman of the Movement "My Israel" former.

Ayelet Shaked was born as Ayelet Ben-Shaul mother was a teacher and father an accountant. Babylonian raised in northern Tel Aviv and studied at the city high school Wednesday.
In her youth she was an instructor and main counselor of the Boy Scouts.
During her military service served as an education coordinator in the Golani Brigade.
She holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.
Before his election to the Knesset worked as a marketing manager at Texas Instruments.
Married to a fighter pilot, a mother of two children, and lives today in childhood, Bavli neighborhood.

public activity

In 2006-2008 worked as the office manager was Benjamin Netanyahu, when he served as opposition leader. In March 2008, Netanyahu's office affair.
In early 2010, established together with Naftali Bennett, the movement of "My Israel" movement of Zionist activity and information on the Internet, and headed it until May, 2012.

Among the outstanding actions in motion:  
  • kmfiin Criticized the National Bank, in light of the possibility that the bank will sell the real estate company which operates Digal Palestinians in Jerusalem to an investor group. (Bank retracted and finally sold the company to a group of Jewish investors).
  • After the terrorist attack in Itamar Shaked pizza, with the consent of the family, graphic pictures of the Fogel family were murdered. In a press interview said: "It was a tough decision, but that's war. Pictures is more powerful than words, and it worked and received titles. Palestinians make use of digital media and communications sterile we do. It is time to return fire."
  • June 2011, led the campaign against the movement embodied radio station Galei Tsahal, which aims to integrate says during peak hours of broadcasters whose opinions can not be identified with the Left and prevent Hamas from the station to interview people in time of war.
  • bsftmbr 2011 called for a "protective marches" of citizens to defend the country and the soldiers facing Palestinian marches and designed so that eventually took place.
  • hhl End of 2011 has campaigned against infiltrators from Africa to Israel, claiming they pose a danger to the Jewish and democratic character of the state. She called to enforce the law forbidding them to work, return them to their countries of origin and engrave law about it.
Activity 19th Knesset:
  • Chairman of the Jewish Home faction in the Knesset.
  • Enterprise Committees economics, the Knesset and Acting Finance Committee.
  • Chairman of the Commission for equal burden, also called the "Committee Shaked", a committee to pass a law raising Haredi society to replace the Tal Law.
  • Chairman of the Lobby for Pollard Saturday with MK Nachman Shai.
  • Chairman, Lobby for the return infiltrators to their country.

Minister of Justice:

After the dissolution of the elected government worked to first place in the primaries of the party "Jewish Home".
Currently serves as Minister of Justice of the State of Israel.
Minister almond engaged in this role a number of areas, including: reducing the burden from the courts, regulatory relief, Bill social (between them a bill granting discharge to debtors limited means and reform insolvency), a committee Arbel examine the boundaries between freedom of expression freedom of incitement, war boycott organizations, finding solutions to the issue of illegal aliens in Israel, stricter punishment for terrorists and engage in terrorism and more ..
Almond minister is the chairman of the ministerial committee for legislation, as well as a committee to appoint judges, as well as a political-security cabinet.

Tweet from Lahav Harkov, Senior Knesset reporter for the Jerusalm Post.

Mr. Google is your friend.
This will come as a shocking surprise to many Americans whose reaction to the mention of sharia law is viscerally repellent. Those of us who dare defend Muslims in general or their faith in particular typically come across the final Islamophobic response "They believe in Sharia Law and want to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law!"  It reminds me of the old pre-1964 days when I tried -- usually in vain -- to discuss the ugliness of racism with my Southern friends and family. After all the examples of equality I could think of and stories of personal experiences and discoveries, there was always that ugliest of all outcomes: miscegenation -- race mixing! Loving v Virginia was not decided until 1967 and it was against the law in many places for mixed couples (Negro and white) to be married. So all arguments came to an end wit the final card was played: Would you want your sister to marry one???

My discussions usually never progressed that far because I tried to be more persuasive than confrontational, sensing that the ultimate outcome of desegregation was, in fact, the eventual appearance of mixed marriages. Had discussions ever got to that point I had an answer ready: Which one? (Black people, just like white people, come in a range of types, from criminal to accomplished. Of course I wouldn't want my sister to marry a law-breaker but would be honored to have an accomplished business success or literary success for a brother-in-law.) It was a perfect illustration of how different mind sets often cannot bridge the gap of mutual understanding. I could understand the reasoning of racists but their prejudice blocked the way they might understand mine.

Here we are half a century later and anti-Muslim bigotry is the new racism. And mentioning Sharia Law has become the new dreaded specter of miscegenation. Just as in the Sixties, many of my sincere, well-meaning Islamophobic friends and family are crippled by a different stripe of bigotry. And just as in the Sixties they have a lot of reading and homework to do before their blind ignorance is overcome.

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