Thursday, February 15, 2018

Post-Parkland Random Twitter Fragments

Michael Ian Black‏

Deeper even than the gun problem is this: boys are broken.
Until we fix men, we need to fix the gun problem.

The last 50 years redefined womanhood: women were taught they can be anything. No commensurate movement for men who are still generally locked into the same rigid, outdated model of masculinity and it’s killing us.

If you want to hurt a man, the first thing you do is attack his masculinity. Men don’t have the language to understand masculinity as anything other than some version of a caveman because no language exists.

The language of masculinity is hopelessly entwined with sexuality, and the language of sexuality in hopelessly entwined with power, agency, and self-worth.

So men (and boys before that) don’t have language for modes of expression that don’t readily conform to traditional standards. To step outside those norms is to take a risk most of us are afraid to take. As a result, a lot of guys spend their lives terrified.

We’re terrified of being viewed as something other than men. We know ourselves to be men, but don’t know how to be our whole selves. A lot of us (me included) either shut off or experience deep shame or rage. Or all three. Again: men are terrified.

Even talking about this topic invites ridicule because it’s so scary for most men (and women). Men are adrift and nobody is talking about it and nobody’s doing anything about it and it’s killing us.

Correct- can we get kids off their cell phones?? Lack of human interaction is causing kids to feel alone and left out. No one ever sits around laughing with their friends and says “i cant wait to come into school and harm you” Kids being isolated is a huge problem and guns.

I don't think you're entirely off base here, but Columbine was well before every kid had his nose buried in a phone all day. 24/7 connectivity is contributing to the feelings of isolation, but I don't think it's the source of them.

Springfield Oregon we barely had blackberries, the only messaging device. Video games were still pixelated Mario. This is deeper than the technical refuges young men run to now.

it was also speculated that violent video games lead to violence in everyday life but I believe its a far more complex issue and blaming gun violence on technology doesn't explain the gun violence that was happening prior to this era of technology.

Once again, NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS THIS KIND OF GUN VIOLENCE. We all have cellphones and iPads and screens. JUST NOT ALL THE GUNS.

I agree and to find out research about this concept I found a very informative article about Mass Shootings, with statistical data comparing the US to other industrialized countries Out of the 119 Mass Shootings from 1983 - 2013 66% were in the US

Thank you! I was looking for scientific based information.

Some of the date is from 2013 so some of it may need to be updated but its important also to check sources, this one does seem to written by a published valid source, I would not be surprised if the NRA will try to publish propaganda with in the next few weeks to regain support.

Correction, in Florida you can own an AR-15 at 18 and do not have to register it, crazy.

Crazy indeed ! How many more dead children do they need to add to the statistics b4 they come to the conclusion that the gun laws are insane OR perhaps it will become normal to send ur child to school in Kevlar vest and helmet - sorry I feel so angry

How long before we realize that more kids die each year due to drunk/impaired drivers and ban all personally owned vehicles and alcohol. Then we really enforce the drug laws in this country. Owning a fun is a right.....driving is a privilege.

How about we license each and every gun owner, register all guns, do background checks, and require insurance on each and every gun? You know, like we do cars? If you are caught drinking and carrying a gun, you lose your license and gun.

That’s def one of the cleverer things that could be done. At least a portion of shooting sprees could be, if not avoided entirely, at least made a bit less easy for would-be shooters.

Hey, bon courage, man! Quit binge drinking and smoking 17 years ago. Never looked back.

Mercury and aluminum.
Mercury and aluminum. 
Mercury and aluminum. 
Mercury and aluminum. 
Mercury and aluminum. 
Mercury and aluminum. 
Mercury and aluminum. 
If we think these kids are crazy it's because they are. We made them that way. Required it in fact. Mercury and aluminum.

Vaccines are used around the globe, and yet, this problem is uniquely American. Girls are required vaccines, yet this problem seems uniquely male. Your antivaxx paranoia is not the reason for the gun epidemic.

The amount of these elements in vaccines is less than that found in many things we regularly ingest. Vaccines are extremely helpful and not dangerous, but paranoia is.

Ingestion and injection are two completely different things. But it feels nice to feel smart by repeating pharma talking points right so give yourself a pat on the back.

Will do.

great endorsement of [xxx], Michael. If you can be open to the idea that masculinity is a good thing when properly taught and demonstrated instead of the idea that boys need to be feminized to be “fixed”, then I see a way forward

I did not advocate "feminizing" men. Instead, I advocate for men to be able to draw from the full breadth of human experience to inhabit their fully masculine selves, which may include some more traditionally feminine roles.

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