Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tweet: "Women are too emotional"

This tweet is inappropriate for a Facebook post today, but I have to mark it somewhere for future reference.
The replies thread is too rich to lose...

  • Damnit, of course I see this tweet after I tweet mine..... your quick wit prevails again.
  • Same hand to head pose too!
  • It’s a lesbian rule. Lesbianing.
  • If only we had been warned, if somebody had the presence of mind to suggest something along the lines of "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons"...
  • Sighhh. If only someone had... Who knew? Who knew?
  • Apparently somebody sent an email, but I don't recollect her name.Hahahaha well doneI've said this before, but Trump has made a better case for a female President than any female could have done.To be fair, he’s made an excellent case for an adult president.
  • He’s also making tanning beds very unpopular....
  • A woman would have already buried the body, cleaned up, secured an alibi and bought a new pair of shoes.
  • And started dinner while sipping wine!!
  • I've surrendered my last ounce of Male Apologist, got crushed under all the stupid. I'm down for a mandated 50/50 Congress like a co-ed volleyball team so we don't accidentally blow ourselves up.
  • Samantha Bee's endometriosis report was like the final tiny straw.
  • So that's what it feels like to snort salad through my nose laughing.The first rule of Political Fight Club is you don't tweet about Political Fight Club.
More at the link, going on and on...

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