Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Alaa Al-Aswany -- Do You Support the Sovereign Republic?

In the March 19, 2011 referendum that followed Mubarak's deposition, there were two strange phenomena about Egyptians' behavior: first, they rallied and queued to vote (which confirms that their departure from the previous elections was due to their knowledge that they were forged). The second phenomenon is that people have forced senior state officials to stand with them in the queue. This was something new for officials who are used to ignoring queues and going directly to vote, but people have so firmly blocked them that the governor of Cairo did not accept the idea of ​​standing in line and he left without casting his vote. In the same period leaked the registration of the director of security of the lake, speaking with his officers, saying:
- Whatever happens you will remain the masters of the country.
The term "masters of the country" was repeated by a great figure in the regime, who said clearly:
- Yes, it is our children's right to inherit our positions because we are masters of the country and others follow.
If the Egyptian revolution has one goal, it is that all Egyptians are before the law. That the law should preserve the rights of the lesser Egyptians and that senior officials, including the President of the Republic, should be held accountable. Seven years after the revolution, Egypt has become worse than Mubarak. In Egypt we only use the term "sovereign" when we talk about intelligence, army and police.
The meaning of the sovereign authority is that it takes decisions that are not subject to the law. The world knows the parliamentary republic and the presidential republic, but we in Egypt are living in a "sovereign" republic governed by a privileged class of sovereigns with privileges that make them above law and accountability. It is known that there are groups of sovereigns who do not pay traffic violations. Tax laws are applied strictly to young professionals and employees. The wealthy can always pay the fees of senior accountants for tax evasion.
The law on maximum wages in the state became a dead letter after the employees of sovereigns were excluded from its application. Last week, parliament approved a law that gave President Sisi the right to choose who wants senior military leaders to enjoy the financial privileges of diplomats, ministers and military all the more dangerous that these The lucky leaders will be immune from any legal accountability without the approval of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. If a commander killed a person, then the public prosecutor may not investigate him unless he is approved by the army command. If there is no agreement, there will be no investigation and no case.
This law is undoubtedly the strangest in the history of Egypt and it undermines the idea of ​​the state from the ground because it grants the president the right to immunize certain persons according to his will so that they are not subject to the law to which the rest of the citizens are subject. It is the sovereign republic that governs us. The law in Egypt is not applied but is used against people without others. After the Sisi took power, the Egyptians were surprised by the reservation of Abutrike's funds and the inclusion of his name in the lists of terrorism. The intelligence-directed media launched a strong campaign against Abu Treka accusing him of treason and financing terrorist groups. His own money, Abbotrecke fought a long legal battle that ended with his victory when the Court of Cassation ruled that his name be removed from the lists of terrorism and his case reviewed before another Chamber.
It is strange that the media Wael Al-Barashi has announced in his television program about negotiations between Abutrek and officials who are demanding the player to make a public apology to Mister Tantawi because he was furious with Abutrike when he once refused to shake hands with him. The crime of Abu Trika, the real is not financing terrorism, but angered Marshal Tantawi and when Tantawi angered all the organs of the state and oppressed Abutrekha and Nklt and reserved for his money and almost received him in prison had not left Egypt. If Abutrique wants to satisfy the state, he must satisfy Tantawi because Tantawi is the state. Can a society advance under these concepts? Those who rule Egypt have not read history, even if they read it to realize that any country can never live by building bridges and roads, but rather by respecting human rights.
Nationalism can not be achieved by the songs, dance reviews and emotional words of the president, but the patriotism means that the state treats its citizens with justice and respect. The deterioration suffered by Egyptians is mainly due to injustice and corruption, not to the increase in population and lack of resources, Sisi said. The fact that a few people enjoy sovereignty over the rest of the people is the shortest way to the deterioration of society because it divides the people into a few arrogant and humiliated and humiliated majority.
Dear Egyptian citizen
Do you support this sovereign republic? If you support them, you are a sovereign and defend your privileges, but you accept that you remain loyal to the country's masters and recognize that you are less than them and do not equal rights with them. You are not entitled to complain that you are receiving the degrading treatment that you deserve because you agreed to it. But if you reject the sovereign republic, you do not need someone to guide you to the path. I reject injustice and continue to seek justice and freedom no matter what the price you pay.
Democracy is the solution

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