Thursday, May 16, 2013

Extra Points for Krugman -- Today's Best Column

Do go read the column. 
He sez good things about Naomi Klein. 
Finally. It only took a few years...

I don't know who Charlie James is but his comment is very worth republishing. 
I shudder whenever I hear a politician talking about "reform." Ever since the days of St. Ronnie The Dim and his tax "reform" the word has been a dog whistle that actually means "take something away from people who need it so that people who don't need anything can have a few more dollars in their off-shore accounts." 
I kept thinking of Ms. Klein's book all through the 2012 election cycle. We see living proof of it here with Big Right demanding what amounts to a dismantling of Medicare and Social Security, cutting school funding, refusing to support infrastructure upgrades, and demanding we poo-poo science so polluters don't have to change the way they do business. 
It's evident all through Europe, and reports today that even core EU nations including France are now back in a recession - along with eight other EU countries out of a total of 17. It's evident in Canada where the Conservative government keeps talking about "reducing debt" even though unemployment is 25% among some groups of the nation.

What must have conservatives tearing their hear out is that every early, preliminary indication shows that Prime Minister Abe's package of Keynesian stimulus is working. The piece at Quartz spotlights their dilemma all to well.

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