Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Tube Appeals for Peace in Syria

[Google translate --]
The current conflict in Syria, and after repeated violations of the most basic human rights and international humanitarian laws, and بمعانات attention unarmed citizens, began a non-governmental organization Geneva Call 'campaign to spread awareness about the respect for international law and respect for international standards by all combatants. 
Has been producing short films and a booklet titled 'killer fighter'. 
For more Almalomab the please contact ihlsyria@gmail.com


No fighter killer - not recruit children exploited in the fighting or hostilities

Assassin fighter - Do not use illegal weapons do not engage in illegal methods of warfare

No fighter killer - I respect the elements of medical services and security protection for them

Yes, I know Jenan's Twitter message is a duplicate. 
Get over it. 
Watch it twice. 
Or as long as it takes to sink in. 

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