Friday, July 31, 2015

GOP Souvenir -- Race for 2016

This post is the blogging equivalent of a ticket stub from a B-grade movie. 
The following infographic and comments appeared at the Howard Dean Facebook page. 
It has no redeeming value, but this comments thread is a sparkling piece of political kitsch with all the charm of a lawn jockey or cupie doll. One long, easy to spot response sums up the state of the race thus far. 

Facebook does a great job of collecting and ranking comments, 
so the first at the top of the list is best by popular demand. 
Take a look at this.

It's really not THAT shocking that the majority of Republicans polled prefer an outspoken sexist, xenophobic racist. 
Yep. He's the Base's ID. Their new Rush. Donald speaks for them. 
Indeed, it is no shock at all that the most preening nakedly egotistical entitled asshole who inherited all his money and is the raw id and voice of the modern ethos of the Republican Party should be in the lead with his shameless compadres left bleeding cluelessly in the dirt. 
I agree it's not a shock and I particularly agree that he's the new Rush. Rush could have probably beaten Obama. The Republican base is a group of hateful people. They used to be Democrats until the 1960s. A bad bunch. 
 As opposed to a soft spoken sexist, xenophobic racist? 
Geoff, a soft-spoken sexist? Xenophobe? Rascist? I've noticed on fb their sentences are all 5 or 6 words long, with 3 or 4 derogatory words in each sentence. For example, if someone is discussing sexism, their responses will include a lot of words that have to do with bodily functions. 
They used to be Democrats until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 you mean. 
The voice of the wingnut Id. 
You nailed it! 
Geoff I love the large word you used in the sentence. You win a cookie. 
I would love to see Clinton or Sanders debate ( Politically ) with Trump!!!! They would eat him alive! Business Man, Inherited his money and claimed Bankruptcy 4 times, vs. The Politicians!! No Brainer here!! 
I'm not the least bit surprised, either. I was taken aback at first because it made no sense. However, after a few minutes it made perfect sense. The far right via Fox, Rush and the like, have fanned the flames of hate, fear, and loathing against: blacks, Obama, Gays, liberals, pro-choice, gun law reform, women, immigrants, Muslims, and Christians who don't follow in lock-step with what they believe. It is no longer just allowing a difference of opinions, there has to be this great animus, an US against THEM attitude, with plethora of ad hominem attacks.
The right fueled that ugliness as part of their marketing campaign to garner voter, and they've been fanning that flame for twenty years. Now it's a conflagration that's out of control, it's a wild fire that has divided this country. What now lies in its ever growing incendiary path of destruction is a giant chasm. Even the Old Republican Party members have jumped ship or been forced to hide in a corner, their voices being silenced by the din of extremism. It is no wonder a blowhard, with the IQ of an amoeba, like Trump, gets their base excited, he IS their base, they are just like him. Now that they've created that monster and he's out of the box, they don't know what to do with him. Their other candidates are bought and paid for by the Koch's, it would appear Trump is rogue and can not controlled.
The haters now have some one they love. 
You're right Lisa. When you put that way the poll makes sense. 
Trump is all talk and no action. Precisely what the rights' base wants. The base on the right likes things the way they are, because thats what the republicans have told them to think. 
Trump set up this whole thing so that when the real Republican Candidate is picked the nation will breathe a sigh of relief

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