Friday, July 14, 2017

Jenan Moussa Reports from Syria -- Interview of Kurds' ISIS Captive

I have been following Jenan Moussa via Twitter for several years. She is a roving reporter who goes wherever the action is in MENA/Levant. She is courageous but thus far has managed to remain safe. Over seventy other journalists I follow on Twitter also track her account. 

In this report from Syria she interviews a captured ISIS fighter from Tunisia. The masked, heavily-armed escorts who appear to be women are Kurdish security forces. 

Numbers 10 & 11 have this interesting quote from the prisoner:
I asked ISIS Tunisian why he joined ISIS? He said: "When Muslim Brotherhood gov was in power, they stimulated youth to go to Syria." He continued: "In Tunisia mosques said: 'Go for Jihad to Syria'. And we were told: No repercussions when u return to Tunisia. So I left"

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