Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jenan Moussa Photos From Aleppo

Jenan Moussa is a Roving Reporter for Arabic Al Aan TV from Dubai. Lots of photos at the link, I use the Chrome browser so it translates the captions for me but I don't know how to format them for blogging. Good luck with that.  

You will see armed black-clothed women police in Aleppo (in addition to these Kurdish women soldiers) because the religious extremist groups are the ones who are maintaining order. 
I wish our coverage of Syria were not so difficult. and opaque.  As I said, you will see many photos at the link. 

Members of FSA preparing Molotov cocktails in Sheikh Maksoud area Aleppo
Curtains on the streets against snipers

 Female Kurdish fighter before heading to the frontline
Kurdish female fighters posing near to frontline in an abandoned house -

Kurdish fighters posing next to picture of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan

During lull in fighting, a civilian cuddles a street cat -

Two boys selling sweets; plumes of smoke from airstrike in the background -
 peddling candy while rising plumes of smoke in the background

Girl singing at pro FSA rally - girl sings in a demonstration supporting the free army

Barriers built in the stream so that bodies of executed people will not float further. Tens of corpses have been found in the river according to residents . - Barriers built in the course of the river to stop the bodies. According tp the residents dozens of bodies found here. 

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