Sunday, September 15, 2013

Morning Links -- September 15

(No comment from me. I gotta live among them. Go to the link for details. )

Syrian rebels described in 4 Tweets by Karl Sharro


(Long read recommended by Vali Nasr. I haven/t read it yet but this will be on my list for this afternoon for sure.) 
Well-written summary of modern Persian history, but a bit too glossy to call balanced. I forgive Dr. Nasr for the recommendation since he is a fellow-Iranian.
It's okay to gloss over issues like the challenges of nuclear arms development or the truly savage nature of the war with Iraq, but these topics didn't merit as much as a couple of paragraphs. And I saw no mention of the Basiji militias. It's like reading a history of America without mentioning our predilection for endless military conflicts and some high-profile presidential scandals.
This video will save the reader the time it takes to read the article.

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