Saturday, September 28, 2013

Morning Twitter Messages -- September 28

No time this morning to leave snips but here are lots of links. Some are interesting, others are both interesting and important.

Do take a moment to read this. It's not too long. 
"Gamal Abdel-Nasser taught us about belonging, and it is that sense of belonging that brought us back together again on 30 June [2013]," says 60-year-old labor union member Mohamed Abdel-Razek as the anniversary of the late leader's death approaches.

Nasser, who led the 23 July, 1952 revolution that toppled the British-backed monarchy in Egypt, passed away on 28 September, 1970. His funeral, which was attended by millions of mourners, is still considered one of the biggest funerals in history.

Gotta go now. 
More later, maybe. Thank goodness it's the weekend. 

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