Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Links -- November 2

Evan Hill is a staff writer for Al Jazeera America living in Cairo. 
According to his FB page, Sammy Nour lives in Cairo. 

Sammy Nour
7 hours ago  near  El `Agûza, Al Jizah, Egypt ·

Worst Halloween ever. Best friend, 3 other random guys, and a random girl get arrested by the army after an awesome party at the US embassy cuz they are dressed in egyptian army and Air Force Halloween costumes. They did not roam the streets in their outfits. They simply walked out to a brigade of soldiers pick them out one by one. All of them have been sent to prison for 4 days so the security can make sure they are not a threat to society. Please pray for them to get out safe and sound.

==>  They will don't worry it's just because these days are not safe specially that MBs wore army suits before and still doing tht inshallah everything will be ok

==>  Let's hope they don't get jailed for impersonating military personnel
==>  I was talking to Mohamed now and told him about that he told me that its forbidden to wear military suits its a law in the whole world rabena ma3ahom inshaallah
==>  Yeah, happened to a friend of mine too.. He got in so much trouble like 3 years ago.. But his dad was able to get him out
==>  Who's his dad?
==>  Any help would be great.
==>  His dad is a doctor, it took him around 3 months of talkin to different people to get him out, I don't have much details though.. Things are different now, people in power changed

How can one discern the difference between the writer and her ghost writer? More to the point, why not pay attention to the message and forget the messenger. 

   Death Mtookin ‏@sethmnookin1h

Ate, went up to shower, heading back down in a sec. Will ping you when leave my room.

   Daniel Drezner‏@dandrezner

#TMI RT @sethmnookin Ate, went up to shower, heading back down in a sec. Will ping you when leave my room.

And more, maybe?

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