Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Links -- November 9

Morning coffee time now as I wait for the hectic Saturday ahead. Meantime, reports from the devastating typhoon in the Philippines are slowly coming in. The horrible stuff is yet to come...
Reminds me of this fascinating map and link. 

Our conventional way of defining regions—dividing the country along state boundaries into a Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest—masks the cultural lines along which attitudes toward violence fall. These lines don’t respect state boundaries. To understand violence or practically any other divisive issue, you need to understand historical settlement patterns and the lasting cultural fissures they established.

Bloomberg News infuriated the government in 2012 by publishing a series of articles on the personal wealth of the families of Chinese leaders, including the new Communist Party chief, Xi Jinping. Bloomberg’s operations in China have suffered since, as new journalists have been denied residency and sales of its financial terminals to state enterprises have slowed. Chinese officials have said repeatedly that news coverage on the wealth and personal lives of Chinese leaders crosses a red line.

The perception among some Bloomberg employees that the company is now unwilling to cross such lines has left them unsettled. More broadly, it has cast new light on the dilemma that numerous foreign news organizations confront as they navigate the pressures of doing both journalism and business in China.

Here is Google's translation of the link. 
This is from R22 Blog. Check the photo.  
Guide to the "political Islam"
In the last two decades, a lot of talk about "political Islam". Whole terminology popular popularly received, carry this term along with some really tremendous amount of superstition. Historically, it was talking about Muslims and the lands of the Muslims. We had Islam not understood a porter for a specific political dimensions as we understand these things in the present era. Now, there are different types of "political Islam" contrasted with each other rather than contradict with other civilization

This is just too cool. 
Watch the video to the end. 

'Death to Arabs' sprayed on Palestinian kindergarten in Hebron
The only Palestinian kindergarten in the Israeli-controlled part of Hebron is vandalized with threatening hate speech. Similar slogans found elsewhere in the H-2 part of the city.
Israeli settlers vandalized a Palestinian kindergarten in Hebron, spray-painting “Death to Arabs” on its wall, it was discovered this week. This is the only kindergarten in the Israeli-controlled section of Hebron to which Palestinian parents can send their three- to five- year-old children without them having to pass through an Israeli checkpoint.
“Death to Arabs” sprayed on door of Palestinian
nursery in Hebron (Photo: Breaking the Silence)
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