Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson Snapshot

The killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, is becoming a landmark event with symbolic significance bigger than the bare facts of the case. Yesterday Congressman Lewis compared it with Selma but President Obama felt otherwise. In any case, the national response is huge. The number of young black men killed by police has always been inappropriately large, but the trend appears to be accelerating.

The responses of individuals and communities affected continues to be overwhelmingly peaceful but with a growing undercurrent of impatience. Destructive mobs are responsible for millions of dollars in property damage and black communities bear the brunt of those losses, but a non-violent core remains durable and hopeful.

A video linked at Codeblack Life has already received over three thousand comments. Snipped below is a snapshot of the "top comments" from Facebook. 
DCJ Father God we need you right now in the name of Jesus. I speak peace in Ferguson and in cities beyond as this spirit of violence has to stop!

AR The police dont have to kill us, we're doing it ourselves by acting out. This make the police job even easier, Stop the violence and pray instead. God will prevail.

MO  They are looting and destroying lifetime of other people's investment who didn't kill Brown!!! They must be stopped by any means necessary.

GAM Why do we destroy are own community?

SNC If everyone would have flipped it on them... And went HOME... they wouldn't have nothing to bomb. I get it. Very unfair verdict... Why give them ammunition ??? Go home... Pray. Come up with a better plan of action. Your doing exactly what they want... So why get mad ?

MRD Black Friday Boycott 11/27-11/29/2014

DE  Are yall forgetting how the crowd is doing to that town? I guess so.... they aren't harmless by no means, they wanna act a fool then this what happens, it don't matter about our race by no means it's how you act and they think nothing should happen. Smh come on ppl wake up.

KH Brothas and Sistas just Go Home as NOTHING will be accomplished as all your doing is proving them right from all this after the verdict was read!

DM Cash Crew It never belonged to us anyway ...#History

TB Lord Jesus have mercy! Just pray! All you can do is pray! Although justice was not served, we all have to answer to HIM one day. And that judgement is the ultimate you lived your life, how you treated people...etc. The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective and God hears the prayers of the masses.

BO  Those small bombs are smoke canisters and bean bags. Y'all are kinda of embellishing a bit. Look, you should never wrestle with a man with gun. I'm just had Brown just talked to the police or not resist he would be alive right now and that's a fact. He made a poor choice, and made a selfish decision to attack the officer. He didn't think about himself or his family that loved him. Had he did, he would be alive. To all my brothers and sisters just follows the rules and use common sense and you will live to see another day.
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