Thursday, November 6, 2014

Who Defeats ISIS? -- A Twitter Exchange

Ekrem ‏  Can you kindly explain who is going to stop the barbaric regime and Shia militants if al Qaida/ISIS is destroyed?

Awdnews ‏ The Saudi prince warns Americans from looming ISIS terror attacks on U.S. soil

Peter Pyke   Quite frankly, both #alqaeda & #Daesh are CIA creations. Intended to allow #UKUSA to annihilate all opposition for #Israel.

@EN_AWDNEWS What about continuous American/Saudi terror attacks on Syrian soil? 

Edward Dark ‏  @ekremuk that's a very silly question. the #Syria regime & Shias are not a serious danger to global security, the ISIS & Al Qaeda are

Ekrem ‏  I asked you to kindly explain, not to insult. I obviously know that. But helps me to understand where you stand. Unfollowed

Hubert ‏ 
Not agree. Enough boots, weapons and airborne strikes to degrade ISIS and al Nusra. But: rebels also must disappear!

Edward Dark ‏  its those forces you don't like, the regime & Shia militias, who are the only ones capable of stopping ISIS/Al Qaeda in #Syria now --  perhaps this might change your mind: … 
In a major setback to President Assad, the second city – Idlib – narrowly
escapes falling to jihadists as rebels storm provincial governor’s
office and set about executing senior regime officers.

Robert Fisk reports from Damascus

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