Thursday, November 27, 2014

Syria Snapshot

Twitter exchange this morning.
More at this link.

@edwardedark OK. 3rd party stabilisation. CFs. Transitional body. New constitution. Elections but no senior people who ordered war crimes?

.@KreaseChan when u have credible means 2 bring 2 justice rebels who shelled& killed my cousin while geting groceries we can talk about that

@edwardedark I'm sorry to hear that. If you want to talk seriously without the grandstanding & trolls you have my email

.@KreaseChan yes I'm sorry, apparently demanding equal justice for war crimes is obviously tantamount to grandstanding & trolling

@edwardedark no not u trolling (yet) just the regime apologists in your orbit. As said, happy to expand this discussion away from here.

.@KreaseChan no need to discuss anything privately mate, if u have something to say about bringing equal justice to #Syria, say it publicly

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