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Christian Militias in Iraq

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Americans in the Iraqi Christian militia to fight Daash
Mustafa Saadoun
US volunteers fighting alongside the Iraqi Christian militias against Daash

In the nearby village of Qaraqosh of the city of Mosul village Tlsagv (northern Iraq), Brett Weiss Americans and his colleagues are trying to support Christian militants fighting organization of the Islamic State (Daash), after thousands of them migrated to other towns when he entered the city on June 10, 2014.

Elements of the Assyrian Christian militia that joined the US Besvovha volunteers, they start fighting with Daash most of the time after sunset, when the organization is trying to invade their premises and whereabouts. No comparison between the two parties weapon, Fdaash has developed a weapon, while the defenders of their land Vslaham mostly from Russian arms Astorda Iraq before 2003.

For the first time in its history deserted city of Mosul after June 19, 2014 of Iraqi Christians, in the largest exodus of the people of this religion after World War II. Following their displacement from their hometowns in northern Iraq, offered them to emigrate to France, announced the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is ready to receive them, but the call was not well received by the Chairman of the Rafidain Bloc (Christian) in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Kanna, who described these calls as "agendas Foreign seeking to empty Iraq of Christians. "

"The destruction and war and killing innocent people and the displacement of minorities, all of these reasons led me to fight in Iraq," said Pier 22 Brett Weiss, who came from the United States to fight in the ranks of the Christian militias.Weiss adds that "fighting with innocent people and defend them, constitutes a base station in my life. I need to be more Highness in the defense of humanity."

Weiss from his trip to Erbil and down to the village Tlsagv was full of hope and wishes to achieve something that can help women and children on the salvation of the "epidemic named Daash." Weiss said: "We support Christian friends in the defense of their land. There are those who want to create a gap between human beings when he says we can not have access to Iraq to defend these innocent people."

American fighters based on their own money for the duration of their stay in Iraq. Five are armed with the Christian faction, but they formed the impetus for these Christians morally fighters. "Their presence among us gave us a great motivation for fighting. They come from other countries, assures us that the world rejects terrorism," says Rami Paul Pier 22, a Assyrians fighters.

John Williams, who arrived in Iraq after weeks Weiss, opines that "all the wars waged by terrorist gangs against innocent people must pay everyone to go to that place, because humanity does not stop at national borders, or when, nationality or religion."

Williams intends to marry a Christian Bashabh after the completion of the fighting. "Everything in Iraq leads me to defend him, the people here are innocent, Mnachhm beautiful, walk among the trees in northern Iraq gives you a great psychological comfort," said Pier 22.

Kalashnikov weapon carried by Williams, gave him to Rami, when he arrived at the village, the American Valmttoa leave his job in an American company and preferred to go to Iraq to fight with the Christian militias. "Every bullet fired by terrorist gangs make me feel happy and proud," the 42-year-old son said.

As Rami Paul has left his studies at the University of Mosul, after the tenth of June 2014 events and said he no longer sees anything important than getting children to play in the streets of the town. He is also looking for a sweetheart who were displaced from the unit neighborhood in Mosul, two days of control of the city after Daash, and contact was lost.

Rami deals with breakfast daily with Weiss and his colleagues, on a tree trunk Aqttath One of the shells. And its relationship to American fighters, said: "What unites us all now is the rights and defend our cause. Will end the war with Daash will continue our relationship."

Iraqi Christians lived hundreds of years ago in the towns of northern Iraq, before finally abandon them. Towns that did not inhabit a place to live and entertainment only, but they get their power which, through the wine and sweets industry and the briber. Now, did all those things longer exist. Raised black flags over the houses and churches there.

Complain fighters in the Christian militias of the few weapons, they did not find any tributary or provide them with a source of it, but to rely on what they Abiouna in their homes. "We need to arms and ammunition," says Pier 22 Khaddida Emanuel, a company commander Assyrians fighters.

Emmanuel, who was working in the liquor industry in terms of Bashiqa (12 km from the city of Mosul), his family sent to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, then returned and joined the ranks of the fighters against Daash. Complain about the company commander of the lack of reinforcement and the lack of an Iraqi government support for elements of combat, but he praises coordination posed by fighters with elements of the Kurdish Peshmerga.

A large number of Christians fighters did not previously trained on the weapon, and probably did not touch the gun basically. Always known for their love of the Assyrians him even to those who attack them, but Weiss and his colleagues trained them superficially on how to use weapons and fight street battles. And himself, Weiss said: "Previously trained to fight with friends in America, and action films gave me more aware of how to fight."

The role of Christians and American fighters is not limited to just fighting, but were able to play a humanitarian role through the transfer of medical and food aid to the displaced children of their religion in other cities and villages.

Fighters Assyrians and believes that "barriers erected on the borders of the village Tlsagv will be removed after the expulsion Daash from other villages", but they assert that "everything will be fine if you no longer church bells to the usual ticking."

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