Monday, March 16, 2015

Springer Theater Notes

The Springer Theater in Columbus, Georgia was one of the most important parts of my early adult life. I was fortunate to be part of a community effort to rescue the place from the wrecking ball from 1964 until I was drafted in 1965. The story is better told at this link.
The great old theatre survived as a movie house for awhile but a lack of maintenance and the eventual decline of Columbus' historic commercial district began the Springer's slide into near oblivion. 
In 1964, the theatre where the Barrymore's and the Booth's performed was slated for demolition. As the wrecking ball hovered above the stage house, a group of citizens determined to save the Springer aroused community support and began to raise the funds to bring it back to life. When the newly renovated Springer Opera House reopened in 1965, Southerners once again hurried to their seats beneath the huge brass chandelier to enjoy the very best in theatre, music and dance.
After being discharged from the Army I returned to the Springer, this time as part of one of the country's best community theaters. Before I again left Columbus to finish college I had a great time working on sets and taking part in several productions.  I was pleased today to see this post at the Springer Facebook page.

Announcement of Devil's Disciple, 1968

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