Sunday, July 7, 2013

CNN Messed Up

Saw a Tweet that CNN has been forced to take their cameras and crews to safety in Tahrir cuz so many protesters think they are pro-Morsi. 

Huh? Check this conversation:

Wael Nawara ‏@WaelNawara4h
When millions demonstrate against #Morsi today in every major city in #Egypt, @cnn is nowhere to be found :) #Cnn & #Obama one hand with #MB

benwedeman ‏@bencnn2h
@WaelNawara You know why? Because to go into Tahrir would be to risk our lives right now.

ربنا معنا ‏@Metalloy1h
@bencnn @WaelNawara You could have easily planned for it, like renting a flat and shooting from a balcony overseeing the square !!!

benwedeman ‏@bencnn1h
@Metalloy @WaelNawara We did. But from a balcony what do you get? I want to be in crowd but w/"Shame on CNN" signs everywhere reception dark

Robert MackeyVerified account‏@RobertMackey
After technician in Atlanta mistakenly labelled crowd in Tahrir pro-Morsi @bencnn unable to report due to "hysteria whipped up against CNN"

Mary Michael ‏@Lalloo7512m
@RobertMackey @bencnn .... Seriously blaming it on a technician ??? We r supposed to believe that ?

adam mowafi ‏@adammowafi12m
@RobertMackey @CairoScene @bencnn the butterfly effect chooses a crappy way to materialize in Egypt lol

benwedemanVerified account ‏@bencnn10m
@Lalloo75 @RobertMackey Are you seriously suggesting I personally type the text onto CNN's screen???? or have the time to watch???

Nahla Enany ‏@Nahla_889m
@RobertMackey @Sandmonkey @bencnn mistakenly??? are kidding me?!!!

Mary Michael ‏@Lalloo757m
@bencnn @RobertMackey .... No... but did CNN issue a statement taking responsibility and correcting its mistake?

benwedemanVerified account ‏@bencnn7m
@Nahla_88 @RobertMackey @Sandmonkey You are free to entertain the idea that labelling Tahrir a pro-Morsi protest was a conspiracy. Go ahead

Nahla Enany ‏@Nahla_886m
@bencnn @RobertMackey @Sandmonkey No, I should believe it was a mistake, cause you guys are professional like that!

Mariam Ghazala ‏@mariamghazala6m

@RobertMackey @Sandmonkey @bencnn  see even the great American system is not fault free. Admit your mistakes and move on before its too late

Bahaa Eltawel ‏@BahaaEltawel5m
@RobertMackeyAfter technician mistakenly labelled crowd in Tahrir proMorsi @bencnn unable to report due to"hysteria whipped up against CNN"

benwedemanVerified account ‏@bencnn40s
@mariamghazala @RobertMackey @Sandmonkey If you thought the "great" America system was "fault free" I'm not sure what I can tell you.

السيد مانكي ‏@Sandmonkey12s
@bencnn @mariamghazala @RobertMackey LOL...

LOL, indeed!

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