Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Twitter Messages -- July 13

Human rights groups have slammed the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) after a video made public on the Internet showing Israeli soldiers detaining a 5-year-old Palestinian boy for throwing stones at them.

Israeli rights group B'Tselem spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli said Friday that the detention of the 5-year-old was illegal.

The video shows soldiers taking the boy away in a jeep. Later he is seen with his blindfolded father. A military official told press that father and the boy were held for several hours because Palestinian police arrived late to take them. He said the father was blindfolded because they were in a military base.

Furthermore, Michael Mann, the spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, confirmed the release of the young boy and said: “We are concerned about the circumstances which led to this incident. IDF authorities are looking into the incident.” 

The conflicts and tensions between the net generation and the offline legislators are just escalating. The legislators are sitting on all the force, but the net generation is sitting on all the future. With the recent revelations of wholesale spying and surveillance by the United States’ NSA, these tensions have been brought to light again.

This next message links to a coherent description of recent events in Egypt. 
It is not a quick read. Bookmark it for later reading. 
Baheyya writes rarely but the level of insight is unmatched. 

The overarching goal is to systematically reverse each halting step toward subjecting the state to popular control. As Leon Trotsky wrote long ago, in the aftermath of an uprising state managers will gradually push away the masses from participation in the leadership of the country. Popular depoliticization is the grand strategy.

The amazing breakthrough that was the mass mobilization of January-February 2011 shook the grip of the ruling caste on the Egyptian state and toppled its chief, Hosni Mubarak. But, alas, it did not smash that grip. The web of top military & police officers and their foreign patrons, the managers of the civil bureaucracy, cultural & media elites, and crony businessmen firmly believe that ruling over Egypt is their birthright, and its state is their possession.

The frightful specter conjured up by January 25 of power-rotation at the top had to be exorcised once and for all, principally by habituating Egyptians into thinking that regular political competition over the state is tantamount to civil war.

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