Saturday, July 27, 2013

Subway Conversation

Joan Walsh is editor at large, MSNBC political analyst, author of What's the Matter With White People? Finding Our Way in the Next America'
I came across this exchange between a couple of college kids she overheard on the subway.
And here's the highlight:

Subway home from great @LGRforCollege event...
2 chiseled porcelain near-Ivy League kids holding forth on --wait for it-- Affirmative action.

Boy:   OK slavery was bad, but it’s been over forever, get over it! 

Girl:   I agree, but we don’t know for sure that They're taking our place in college!

 Boy:  Yes we do! They are! 

Girl:  You’re right. Also, they’re loud, and I don’t do well when my sleep Is disrupted! I do have one Hispanic friend, but (but?) she’s smart.

 Boy:  Well my Hispanic friend from high school got in everywhere! And I had better grades! 

Me, as they get off:  Guys, you have to rethink your whole conversation, because you’re so wrong. Please. 

**Doors close**

~~~§  Sleep well, America  §~~~

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