Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

America's Declaration of Independence is especially important today in light of revolutionary changes in   Egypt and other parts of MENA and the Levant. As I listened again to a reading this morning on NPR several parts seem as relevant today as the did in the Eighteenth Century. 

This Twitter conversation is not typical and may be the most insightful I have found thus far:

Egypt’s ‘deep state’ accused of whipping up anti-Morsi feeling - : ...
josh stacher ‏@jstacher1h
@arabist I was wondering when this would trickle out. Seem plausible when I heard about the numbers and organization behind tamarod
Evan Hill ‏@evanchill1h
@jstacher @arabist Yes, lots of questions, plus Mahmoud Badr's blatant love of military and speaking role at Sisi's announcement.
Blake Hounshell ‏@blakehounshell1h
@evanchill @jstacher @arabist have yet to read a real profile of him
Evan Hill‏@evanchill

@blakehounshell @jstacher @arabist No idea who the guy is and very curious. Doesn't seem a revolutionary.
Ayman MohyeldinVerified account ‏@AymanM1h
 not to mention how did CBC get exclusive crowd air footage shot by military, def not wikileaks
josh stacher ‏@jstacher1h
.@AymanM @evanchill @blakehounshell @arabist - "there's something rotten in the state of Denmark"
Blake HounshellVerified account ‏@blakehounshell1h
@AymanM @evanchill @jstacher @arabist is it true that the petrol has started flowing again? that was suspicious to me.
josh stacher ‏@jstacher1h
.@blakehounshell @AymanM @evanchill @arabist army controls distribution of hydocarbons in the country. Read me and Shana in @meriponline
Ayman MohyeldinVerified account ‏@AymanM1h

@blakehounshell @evanchill @jstacher @arabist mysteriously gas is flowing like the Nile & I havent had a power cut in 5 days #justsaying
josh stacher ‏@jstacher1h
.@AymanM @blakehounshell @evanchill @arabist just like ayam mubarak. ;-)
Shami Witness ‏@ShamiWitness1h
@aymanm @arabist @blakehounshell @evanchill @jstacher Pre-planned.what surprises me is how come Morsi didn't see it coming,even aftr petrol.
josh stacher ‏@jstacher59m
.@ShamiWitness @AymanM @arabist @blakehounshell @evanchill no options "resistance is futile."
Evan Hill ‏@evanchill53m
@jstacher @blakehounshell @arabist @aymanm The petrol "crisis" that's suddenly over is so obvious even the taxi drivers are suspicious.
Ali Choudry ‏@Shakes200044m
@evanchill @jstacher @blakehounshell @arabist @AymanM eyptians have been "had" could see it a million miles away! #egypt
josh stacher ‏@jstacher39m
.@Shakes2000 @evanchill @blakehounshell @arabist @AymanM the ghost of kamel al-shazli might have made some phone calls. #alBaghourProblems
Becker - روبرت بيكر ‏@rbecker5133m
@jstacher @Shakes2000 @evanchill @blakehounshell @arabist @AymanM Saw this interview w/ Mahmoud Badr a few days ago …
josh stacher ‏@jstacher31m
.@rbecker51 @Shakes2000 @evanchill @blakehounshell @arabist @AymanM helpful, thanks!
Becker - روبرت بيكر ‏@rbecker5126m
@jstacher @Shakes2000 @evanchill @blakehounshell @arabist @AymanM He does give a reasonable good interview… thought he made his case well.
أماني ‏@Amani_Lebanon18m
@evanchill @mrzine_notes @blakehounshell @jstacher @arabist Revoltionary in who's definition? Blake Hounshell's? #LOL

This seven-minute video is perfect for Independence Day.
I am totally impressed.

Mahmoud Badr, one of Tamarod's five founders and the movement's official spokesperson sits down with MEI to discuss Tamarod's origin, aims, and roadmap for political transition. Badr delves into the current pitfalls of Morsi's regime, his expectations for June 30th, and the reform he sees as central to Egypt's future. A journalist and broadcast media producer by trade, Badr is also a coordinator for the opposition movement Kefaya and was part of Dr. Mohamed El Baradei's "Bid for Change" campaign. Video by Dina Hussein.

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