Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Links -- October 20

I just started this morning's surfing, but something tells me this morning will be yielding a good catch. It's like fishing. Sometimes you just get a feeling that it's gonna be a good day. It started already with the post I just finished, from a link so highly recommended I made it into a separate post. 
The WHO checklist was read out by the anaesthetic nurse. The surgeon was listening, but was scrubbing up in a side room. The left (wrong) leg was exposed as the stocking was on the right leg. The nurse in charge was on the phone, the second scrub nurse was upstairs getting equipment. The anaesthetist was busy getting the patient settled on the ventilator. The scrub nurse - unfamiliar with the kit for this operation - was concentrating on laying out the equipment. She assumed the anaesthetic nurse had checked which leg was on the consent form.
The surgeon came through and operated on the wrong leg.

At the end of the operation he requested an X ray, and the radiographer pointed out that the request had been made for the right leg, not the left.

Police arrested them in June.

After their arrest, the couple admitted selling three of their newborn babies in recent years for a total of $13,000, the ministry said. They sold the first baby in 2008, the second in 2011 and the third -- the girl -- this year, the ministry said.

Authorities recovered the girl and are now looking for the other two children, the ministry said.

Neighbors told police the couple live with two of their children, ages 6 and 9. The neighbors also said the wife appeared pregnant in each instance, but the newborns were gone shortly after being delivered, the Ministry of Public Security said.

Important column by Milbank. Short and sweet, but shallow. 
Hounshell is exactly right. Milbank doesn't get it.  
Better late than never. 
When Friedman finally catches on to what nearly everyone already knows, I guess that's a good sign.  
Quick, light, whimsical and sad, with a short slide collection at the end. 

The day is coming when someone invents a watch which monitors your physical condition close enough to sound an alarm with a message "You have exactly five minutes to get to a hospital emergency room before you lose consciousness, exactly sixteen minutes before you become clinically dead." 

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