Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twitter and other Links -- October 22

The Web is like the weather. Some days are clear and others are stormy. Today seems to have a swirl of interesting links.  I'm starting with my own. This is a long read.  Make a mental note to come back and check it out before you leave. 

In Obamacare news not remotely related to HealthCare.gov, an Ohio board has voted to accept $2.5 billion in federal funds to expand its Medicaid program.

That means around 275,000 or 330,000 low-income Ohioans (depending on whose numbers you use) will now qualify to participate in the program come Jan. 1.

It's Borowitz so don't get punked.

This one's no joke, especially for the insurance industry. 
Wall Street is beginning to figure out that under Obamacare, for-profit insurers are not going to make out like bandits.

In principle I agree. But in reality I have watch one or two. They are truly horrible. Just remember you can't unring a bill or unsee an image. The sound of the bell may fade. But the impact of the image can have the effect of PTSD. 

There is an odd connection between this link and the first one above, in which I reflect on the question of "What does the Core Curriculum teach about getting laid?"
American cities are awash with packs of fetid, feral men, loosened from all good morals, estranged from all family and social structure, fighting a growing recession, deflated, confounded by the pre-screening demands of eHarmony.com, afloat surging tides of Molly and illegally-downloaded celeb sex videos, frightened by the twerking young Miley Cyruses of the cities, with their glistening pink tongues and cut-up clothes and casual independence — and not able to respond to any of it in a safe, civilized manner. This is the world of women under siege, a real-life Walking Dead if you will, where salivating, zombie-like American males target all women, everywhere. For women, at least, winter has come and gone.

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