Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tweets -- Obamacare Website Glitches

Benjamin L. Kelley ‏@benjaminkelley14h  @robdelaney it's no #Benghazi

Steven Knight ‏@steveyknight14h  @robdelaney @FoxNews  I wonder how many stories Fox has run on how to use the ACA site to sign up when all issues are fixed?

Rick Shelton ‏@anticybr14h  @robdelaney @FoxNews   It's true. My wife was unable to log in for a day, and that was totally worse than an $80,000 bill for kidney surgery!
Bart ‏@bart_smith14h  @robdelaney @FoxNews That's not funny. My mother was diagnosed with a glitch, and the hospital refuses to treat her.
Nappy Chillmore ‏@KeenePOV14h  @steveyknight @robdelaney @FoxNews you know better than that. LOL

Jennifer Shultz ‏@11Shultz14h  @robdelaney @WeepingCheeto Yes, because bankruptcy caused by medical bills is NO BIG DEAL, isn't that what Fox News says????

Jennifer Shultz ‏@11Shultz14h  @benjaminkelley @robdelaney it's no #Benghazi YES, of course!!
Nappy Chillmore ‏@KeenePOV14h  @anticybr @robdelaney @FoxNews hey. Cost of doing business in the free market. Or something. Because Benghazi.

Jamie Noah ‏@JamieNoah14h  @robdelaney @FoxNews Apparently Ron, your political tweets didn't end with the end of government shutdown, like I hoped it would.

Michael Upton ‏@WingTipMikey14h  @robdelaney @FoxNews if only they hadn't defunded and closed all those women's health clinics, you might have enough money for insurance!

Craig Frost ‏@craigfrost_14h  @robdelaney pls delete this. I know your of ur depression issues and my cousin killed himself over an ACA glitch. Sometimes gotta be srs

Melissa Travis ‏@DrSnit14h  @robdelaney I will always love you for using humor to speak what needs to be said. And I only love my 400 cats.

Buckwalter-Poza ‏@rpbp8h  Amen RT @robdelaney: .@FoxNews I’m hearing glitches on ACA websites are much, much worse than going bankrupt from cervical cancer treatment.

Inez Russell Gomez ‏@inezrussell8h  @rpbp @robdelaney @FoxNews Or dying because you can't afford to see the doctor at all.

Atlanta Mike ‏@MErb19627h  @robdelaney @joanwalsh @FoxNews Hannity had 6 people on to bitch about the website. Someone checked, they never went to the website.

Gern Blanston ‏@GernBlanston67h  @11Shultz @robdelaney @WeepingCheeto yup, that's why the GOP gods created emergency rooms. The best health care money can buy!!

Isobel Carr ‏@IsobelCarr7h  @robdelaney It shld also be noted they're mostly a red state problem, as the state-run exchanges are running smoothly @LOLGOP @FoxNews

mdsbarry ‏@mdsbarry7h  @robdelaney @LOLGOP @FoxNews   FL's new unemployment website of Gov Rick Scott (R) is in worse shape than ACA site. Silence in T'hassee

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