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When comments are left at some places (not enough, unfortunately) the system enables the commentator to receive a notice by email when someone else leaves a comment at the same place. For instance, Facebook has this feature so when you leave a comment at one of your friends' posts you receive a notification when your comment gets a "Like" or someone else leaves a comment.

After several years of reading and commenting at The Health Care Blog I just today bothered to click the "manage your subscriptions" link that comes with every email notice. I was amazed to discover that my list is much longer than I imagined. I'm putting it here in case I need to refer to it sometime, but also to enable curious readers to explore some of the endless trails I have explored. (My Web activity is my post-retirement hobby in the same way that care-giving is a post-retirement job and ministry. And Hootsbuddy's New Place is like a collection of stamps or model cars that anyone who wants to can admire (and read) if they want, but it's okay to regard this place with the same detachment you might have for a scrapbook or display cabinet full of collectibles.)

The Health Care Blog Comment Subscription ManagerSubscriptions
hootsbuddie@yahoo.com subscribed to the posts listed below. The list begins in February, 2011 but I think my participation there started prior to that. Perhaps that is when the current subscription management system was put into use.  

The Other Scarlet Letter
Much More Reform Needed for Medicare?
An Alternative to Malpractice
How to Lower Cancer Care’s Costs
Some of My Best Friends are in Private Equity
Coordinating Care Coordination
Inconvenient Facts (For Both Republicans and Democrats)
Analyzing A Crucial Battle In The Legal War Over Health Reform
The Stunning Shift Toward Employed Physicians
Is Medicare A Good Deal?
Interpreting the Draft Insurance Exchange Regs
Health Policy Schizophrenia
Monopoly Anyone? The Battle To Control Health Care
Why Do You Care Whether I’m Insured?
Thank U.S. Health Care for the Life of Steve Jobs
Another Unpleasant Surprise from Obamacare
What Difference Does Health Insurance Make?
The Doctor Is In (And Extremely Annoyed)
Rethinking Medical Education
Wal-Mart Care
But There Are No Pit Crews
The Last Six Months of Life
Justice Kagan Should Recuse Herself from Obamacare Case
Free the Vets
Obamacare to the Rescue
Karen Ignagni tells (some of) the truth
Hobson’s Choice
How Doctors Die
We Have Cancer
Why the Pilot Programs Failed
Obama’s Broken Promises
The Audacity of Dupe
No Free Lunch. No Free Contraception.
Where Have All the Liberals Gone?
A New Grassroots Movement By Doctors
Contraception Conundrum
The Status of Health Insurance Exchanges
What Is the Cause of Excess Costs in US Health Care? Take Two
It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid!
The Nonprofit Question
How We Can Keep from Going Broke
If Mandate Is Defeated, Obama Will Need Help From Allies to Salvage Health Law
Why Should We Cover People Who Don’t Take Care of Themselves?
Rejecting Affordable Care Act Is Rejecting Constitution
In Defense of Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan
The Broccoli Mandate
How Did the Challenge to the Affordable Care Act Ever Make it to the U.S. Supreme Court?
The Long Road From March to November
What If We End Up with a Health Care System Like the One they Have In New Jersey?
What If the Supreme Court …
Much Ado About Broccoli
What to Do on the Day After ObamaCare
You Get What You Pay For
Medicare Announces 27 ACOs. A New Species?
Consumer-Driven Medicine’s Fatal Flaw
How Obama Botched and Bungled the Health Reform Message
What if We Regulated Legal Services Like Health Care?
Bernie Madoff Accounting for Medicare
Is Health Insurance Too Cheap?
Activist Seeds – The Latest, Subtle Trend in Seed Investing
Zen and the Art of Not Thinking Magically
Expand Over-the-Counter Medications? Very Bad Idea
Fast Science: The Uncertainty Paradox
Making Privacy Policies Not Suck
Should the States Set Up ObamaCare Exchanges?
The Age Rating Game: Will Older Americans Pay More Under Health Reform?
What The Emergence of an EMR Giant Means For the Future of Healthcare Innovation
The Lethal Linkage of Medicaid Costs and Tuition
The Irrelevance of the Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare
The Return of the Public Option
A Call For a New Primary Care Society
Supreme Court Ruling: States Move Forward with Health Exchanges
The Devil We Know
Robert’s “Flying Squirrel” Maneuver Takes Down the Affordable Care Act
A Healthcare Contract With America
See One, Do One, Harm One?
The Supreme Court May Have Saved Lives … by Keeping People Off Medicaid
The Coming Battle for Medicare
All Hell Hath Broken Loose
Dropping Out
Shock and Awe: EHRs Work as Designed
Personalized Medicine vs. ObamaCare
The Day After
Healthcare Law on the Ballot
Socialism Kills
Health Reform: The Political Storms Are Far from Over
Building a Better Health Care System: End of Life Care – A Case Study
Is Health Care about to Go the Way of the Dodo?
Obamacare’s Fiscal Cliff
Why Employers Should Stop Worrying About Health Costs
About Time? Smokers Face Tough New Rules Under Obamacare
Quantified Death
The Healthy Crowd
How Doctors Think About New Technologies
Could Wasteful Healthcare Spending Be Good for the Economy?
The Gold Plated Health Care System: What the New Numbers Tell Us about the State of the Economy
Should Your Review of Your Doctor Be Taken Seriously?
One Woman Brand: How one Doctor Started Over Again With a New Practice, a New Specialty and a Great New Outlook on Life
Life Support and Taxes
Day One: Not So Grand Opening
When is a Health Care Facility not a Health Care Facility?
Is Interoperability Possible in HIT? And if it Is, Do We Even Want it?
Divided Health Care Nation
Praying For Obamacare to Fail
How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care
Did Massachusetts Health Care Reform Hurt Access To Care For the Previously Insured?
The Republican Case For Waste In Health Care
Five Things Obamacare Got Right-and What Experts Would Fix
Why Only Business Can Save America From Health Care
A National Caregiver Corps: What the Administration Could Do
So It Turns Out Inventing Your Own Business Model Is More Fun Than You Were Expecting…
Why Medicare Cuts Will Quietly Kill Seniors
An Indecent Proposal That Just Might Solve the Primary Care Crisis: Meet the 35 Hour Work Week

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