Friday, April 19, 2013

Morning Twitter Messages -- April 19

"Video" is mostly a cluster of little lights in the distant darkness with a soundtrack that sounds like the final scene from Bonnie and Clyde -- AFTER a fifteen-second commercial advertisement. Ain't this a great country?
Thankfully, a little comic relief...
For crying out loud. This is over-the-top.
Yep. Twenty years too late is right, Andy. (That was a RT by Andy Carvin)
THIS ONE IS TOTALLY IMPORTANT TO READ. ►Russia has had far more Chechnya-related terrorism than the US. Been happening for years.
Heartbreaking, shocking impromptu interview with uncle of the two suspects.
==► By all means go to this link for a string of Dunkin Donuts Twitter treats...
Idiotic crap, indeed.
Powerful video report at this link. Others follow.
Another uncle, another interview. 
This family is more candid than most. 
 I am very impressed.

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