Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alex Jones Is Spectacular

I just LUV my Twitter account. Without it I would not have been able to share this until it was no longer fresh.  When it comes to journalism, the Brits have it going on.
Alex Jones, radio host and owner of, appeared on the BBC's Sunday Politics show today to talk about the Bilderberg Conference — the secretive gathering of the world's political and financial elite currently taking place in Watford, England.

Jones is always an over-the-top guest, as we saw in this interview with Piers Morgan last year, but this time he was wild, even by his own standards.

By the end of the segment, Jones was shouting about how the euro was a Nazi plot and the government is trying to poison people through the water supply.

Host Andrew Neil, a legend in British journalism, was reduced to laughter by Jones' outburst, finally telling him "you're the worst person I have ever interviewed" and informing viewers "we have an idiot on the programme today."

You can watch below (the interview begins around 4 minutes in):

[More at the link.]

Here are backstory links for those unfamiliar with the Bilderberg meetings. 
Official Bilderberg website
Wikipedia article

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