Monday, June 3, 2013

Turkish Protesteres Unhappy With Press

These snapshots look more like the morning after a drunken party than an organized protest.

(Backstory of "Uludere air strike" here.) 

►What happened the night before is nothing to be trivialized as this message and video illustrate.

An article at the link describinhg the diverse mixture of groups making up the protests, from anarchists and others with sometimes conflicting agendas to supporters of Erdogan and the state, ended with this exchange. 

Q.  What are the state-friendly news stations broadcasting over there? 
A.  This is something that every person we interviewed talks about: they want to know if we’re Turkish or international media. There’s very little coverage. We were interviewing people in a hotel and on the news there were happy images of farmers and their cattle while outside it looked like a warzone. People on the street feel that this isn’t being adequately reported on. People are booing at Turkish media vans. Erdo─čan keeps infuriating people with his TV appearances while Turkish media is very quiet about the protests.


..and this is why the press itself is getting a bad press...

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