Thursday, June 6, 2013

Twitter Hashtag -- #BuzzFISA

Let it not be said that Americans have no sense of humor. 
Twitter Hashtag Results for #BuzzFISA
  • These NSA Agents Aren't Angry With You, Just Very Disappointed 
  • 22 Gophers Disappointed in the NSA 
  • 32 Corgis Who Have More Interesting Phone Records Than You 
  • Warrantless Wiretaps: Get a set for your car! 
  • 14 Drunk Texts You Sent That NSA Agents Can't Stop Laughing At
  • The NSA Court Order Explained in Ten GIF's from Saved by the Bell 
  • Michael Shannon Reading a Transcript of your Call with Your Grandmother Last Week
  • 10 Best Justin Bieber Photos Taken From an Unmanned Drone 
  • 37 Lemurs Who Look Like Surveillance Equipment.
  • Arya from Game of Thrones Has Her Vine Subpoenaed 
  • 37 Best GIFs of Animals Reacting to the Guardian FISA Story
  • 38 Cutest Kitten Pix We Captured From Surveillance Traffic
  • Corgis React to the Patriot Act Reauthorization 
  • 25 Clever Ways to Use the Patriot Act to Organize Your Closet 
  • How to Recreate the Best Patriot Act Looks at Home 
  • 21 Delicious Patriot Act Recipes Baked in Mugs 
  • What Your Favorite Patriot Act Characters Would Like If They Were From the 80s 
  • How to Recreate the Best Patriot Act Looks at Home
  • 35 buzz words the NSA found in everyone's conversation with their mom
...and more where these came from. 
Proof that inane creativity is alive and well. 

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