Saturday, June 1, 2013

Segregation in Israel

Bedouin children with cancer were refused entry into a community pool in a town in Israel’s south, according to a report on Channel 2. The children were supposed to have a fun day at the Mabu’im community pool, but were denied entry after their doctor was told that although the families of Mabu’im do not have an issue with Bedouin children, they indeed have a problem “with the ‘sector’” (a term commonly used to describe the whole of the Arab community in Israel).

The report comes just days after controversy erupted over separation between Jews and Arabs at an Israeli theme park.

Segregation has been done away with in South Africa and America but it is still practiced in Israel. 
(But the term apartheid makes a lot of people prickly. It's the "sector" that's the problem, you know.)

Image credit -- Intifada Palestine

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